The Rawfood Challenge! Met Morad Tefrati

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The Rawfood Challenge! Met Morad Tefrati

Even after only such short time on a 100% rawfood diet, I can honestly say RAWFOOD CHANGED MY LIFE! I know it might be quite a strong thing to say, but I have plenty of reasons to back up my statement.

First: I am never 'hungry'.
At least not like I used to be. When I eat cooked foods, my brain was always looking for the next fix. A snack, another bite, a piece of this, a bit more of that... That is how I usually went thought the day.

I might have to explain that I am someone that loves to eat EVERYTHING and ALL THE TIME. As a passionate cook and traveler with a very low moral and hygienically concerns about food, I would eat anything. Not necessarily out of real hunger, but rather out of appetite. So before I started this rawfood challenge, my biggest concern was, that I'll I miss all those things that I planned to deprive myself of. And that I get quickly bored form the (I thought) limited options of things to eat.

But after 2 weeks of eating raw, I quickly realized, that my body was not asking to feed him constantly like it used to do. If I had my smoothie, big salad, nuts and dried fruits, I was 100% satisfied and did not have to look for that next taste sensation, which usually makes a big part of my days. So it feels like I am more free now, much less controlled by food and my appetite.

Second: More positive energy.
I go through the days with much less worries, limiting thoughts and negative feelings. It is like I am happier and the world seems brighter. I know it might be hard to understand, but I also did not know it was possible to change your mood by changing what you are eating. And I don't only mean the after dinner dip, that one disappeared instantly.

I really mean the way I am walking down the streets, the way I talk to people, the way I let problem and situations at work influence me. Everything seems lighter and easier. Really an amazing feeling.

Third: More physical energy.
No afternoon dip, no need to crash on the couch after a long day and I am energized and mentally awake until late at night. Also, doing a lot of sports myself, I always had the belief that I needed a good amount of carbs and protein for my body to keep up during training.

During the first and second week, I did 1½  hours a day (not Saturdays and Sundays) of high endurance and cardio sports, alternating between Kickboxing and Bikram Yoga. To my amazement, not only did I easily keep my usual training intensity, but I also have much less sore muscle and incredibly faster recovery time.

Forth to Eighth:
I have almost no plastic waste, only stuff for the green compost bin - No more gassy bowel movements - No need to clean fatty sauce and frying pans :) - I re-discovered the amazing tastes nature has to offer, since those where quite ofter set aside by the more refined and processed tastes from the supermarket - And I lost those few kilos that I never really bothered taking care of, but now that they are gone, I feel great about it!

If I will continue eat 100% raw after this challenge, I cannot say. But having experience these incredible positive changes in my life and body, I definitely changed my perspective on how important and powerful the stuff I put in my mouth really is.

It really change my life, since I used to be controlled only how something tastes, and never thought how it will make me feel. Now that I know the difference, it will be impossible to ignore that in the future. 

I encourage everyone to give it a try, just to find out how good and energized your really can feel, just by telling your mind (cause your body does not want it, I know that know) to not eat heavy, dead and energy-sucking foods for a while.



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